Universal Interpreter Services Of Peel is an agency which provides trained interpreters to work with service providers in the public and private sectors who want to provide their services to non-English speaking persons.

Interpreters affiliated with Universal Interpreter Services Of Peel are professionally trained, bilingual persons with a high level of knowledge of two languages and cultures, and a high level of proficiency in the techniques of language interpretation and cross-cultural communication.

Interpreters with Universal Interpreter Services Of Peel are carefully screened and formally tested for linguistic competence in English and other languages. They are also tested for competence in transposing speech from one language to another.

Interpreters are trained in accordance with curriculum developed by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation. They complete over 80 hours of compulsory training which focuses on the dynamics of three way communication in two languages, accuracy, and ethical practice. Additional hours of training are provided to orient interpreters to the demands of specific service environments.

Interpreters understand the cultural contexts of the languages in which they are interpreting. This helps them to facilitate accurate communication between you and your clients. This helps you to understand the cultural background of your clients.

Interpreters do not advocate for the interests of any of the people for whom they are interpreting. Their primary role is to facilitate accurate communication by faithfully interpreting all of the information conveyed in their presence.

24 hour interpretation service available. This service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is free to agencies working with abused women.

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